WebCatalog Lite

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Turn Any Website into Desktop App

Get rid of clunky browser tabs and protect yourself from cross-website trackers with WebCatalog Lite.

Version 1.3.2. Requirements: macOS 10.9+ or Linux 64-bit (AppImage).

WebCatalog for macOS

Websites like Gmail, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are becoming more and more like desktop applications. But running each of these sites in a separate tab in your browser can be a real pain. It not only reduces your productivity but also invades your privacy with cross-website trackers.

WebCatalog Lite lets you create a desktop app (site-specific browser) out of any website, helping you to work more efficiently & protect your privacy (each app runs within a sandboxed container).

Comparison Table

WebCatalog Lite Fluid Nativefier
Supported platforms macOS | Linux macOS macOS | Linux | Windows
Engine Chromium Safari Electron
Size (each app generated) ~250 KB ~8 MB (~30x heavier) ~130 MB (~100000x heavier)
Graphical user interface
Command line interface
App management interface
App directory
Open source
Price Free / 10 USD Free / 5 USD Free
Demo for WebCatalog Lite