Bring Thousands of Apps to Your Mac

Improve your productivity & protect your privacy with WebCatalog 13.

Version 13.5.2 (Release Notes). WebCatalog requires macOS 10.10 or later.

*You can install up to two apps for free. Pay just 10 USD to install as many as you need.


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How It Works

WebCatalog is a free app which lets you turn any web apps (websites) into native-like Mac apps (also called site-specific browsers). Now, with WebCatalog, you can launch your favorite apps quickly in self-contained, distraction-free windows. Each app's data is stored separately, protecting you from cross-website trackers and preserving your privacy. Additionally, WebCatalog enhances your experience with workspaces, dark mode, and more.

Notable Features


Catalog - Install apps quickly from our curated catalog.

App View

AppView - Run any website like a real Mac app.


Workspaces - Switch between multiple accounts/projects.


Customization - Customize everything to suite your taste.