TweetDeck on WebCatalog

for macOS

TweetDeck on WebCatalog offers the same experience (including the user interface and features) you love at while adding many useful features to help you work more productively and protect your privacy.

  • AppView - Run TweetDeck as a real native app with a seperate, distraction-free window.
  • Privacy - Isolate TweetDeck and protect you from cross-website tracking.
  • Workspaces - Switch between multiple accounts/projects.
  • Menubar - Access TweetDeck anytime and anywhere.
  • Customization - Customize everything to suite your taste.

How to Install

  1. Download and install WebCatalog.
  2. Open WebCatalog.
  3. In the 🏠 Home page, use the search box to look for TweetDeck.
  4. In the search results, look for TweetDeck and click Install.
  5. Click Open to launch the app.